Power Installation Questionnaire

Thank you for your enquiry regarding a price to provide power for your building/pump etc.

You can download the manual form and send it into us by email or fax or fill out the details below.

To make pricing the job easier could you please provide the following information:-

Customer Details
Contact Details
Job Details

Please create on a separate sheet of paper and attach, a sketch of the relevant block showing:

  • Route of existing power lines and poles.
  • The location of the proposed take off pole / pole number
  • The location of the proposed transformer pole and house, shed, or pump site.
  • Route and overall length of the new line.
  • Any obstructions/roads/fence/dam/gully/crops, etc.
  • Any large hills.
  • Any environmental issues at the location
  • Photos of any of the above items

Note 1: If the proposed line is to cross a neighbour’s property an easement may be required.

Note 2: If other parties use the line in the future you may be eligible for a rebate.

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